top 6 yoga poses for knee pain

Many people faces knee pain . here we listed some yoga poses which is very helpful

 follow these tips for better results, just follow the tips and implement it in your routine. these tips works slowly .


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Triangle Pose

this triangle pose strengthen your thigh muscle. try this position for 10 minutes a day. Triangle Position may increase blood flow


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Downward facing


This pose will Tone your Body. This pose helps to strengthen your arms, glutes, thighs, hamstrings, and back

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warrior pose


Warrior pose Yoga increases pressure on your thigh, increases blood pressure, boost immune system and keep your body fit.

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Bow Pose


Bow pose in Yoga increases blood flow, metabolism, increases digestion level, may boost your immunity. Try this position for 5 minutes.

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Half MOon


this pose requires you to balance your body on one leg that strengthens your leg muscle.

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Child Pose


this position stretches your leg. if you have a chronic health problem it migh help.

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Chair pose

this Yoga Pose or Asana well-known pose, the chair pose is one of the best poses to tone your entire lower body.


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